Bolder skin is coming...


Nano Nutrient Delivery

$40 Add-on to any treatment


30 Minutes Rush

Using nanotechnology, millions of microscopic channels are created without injury, delivering nutrients deep into the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are improved instantly and overall texture is improved. 

Awesome add-on to any treatment!


This express service delivers smoother, seriously hydrated skin with the help of professional peels and electrical infusion of treatment serums. Because of time restraints extractions are not included, but various advanced modalities are, so look forward to a blast of LED, a quick microcurrent lift or deeply calming ultrasound.


60 Minutes Solid

One hour is the minimum time needed for optimal monthly skin maintenance. Pores are emptied with thorough extractions, purified with high frequency and oxygen, and tightened with a professional-grade AHA and/or BHA peel. A combo of 2-3 advanced modalities (depending upon the needs of the skin) deliver deep stimuli to the skin before finishing with some serious hydration. 


90 Minutes Intense

If time isn't a concern, this is the treatment to book! All of the skin-loving benefits of the 60 minutes plus enough time to deliver some cell-energy with a full microcurrent treatment! Or perhaps you prefer extending the treatment to the neck and decolette, or even the scalp! The possibilities are endless!

Korean Plumping Treatment    $150                         ~45 minutes

After a gentle resurfacing treatment, skin is infused with a polylactic acid solution by activating sheets of hydrolyzed hydrogen. Results from one treatment can last up to 6 weeks! Three consecutive treatments, performed weekly, can last up to 6 months! 

*PLEASE NOTE* To achieve maximum results, skin MUST NOT get wet for 8 hours post-treatment (this includes sweating from workouts).